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Meet Our Family

Intuition is born where knowledge and experience meet.

Our family created Stecher Financial Group in 1993, for deeply personal reasons. We repeatedly saw our friends and family members struggling because they made passive financial decisions that did not suit their tailored needs.

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We saw the need for a blueprint that could help plan a person’s financial future by creating a holistic approach to managing their entire financial life. With that goal in mind, we became lifestyle architects helping you design your life and taking on that burden for you. Since then, we have helped countless individuals, families, non-profits, businesses, and school districts through the financial decision-making process.

As a family, we have worked together for over 25 years developing customized strategies for individuals and employer groups. Our clients are very dear to us and are a part of our family often traveling, attending events, and having dinner with us. So when it comes time to make decisions for you, we can often be found in deep discussion about the best options and course of action for each client. We like to say, “Our biggest fights are over YOUR money” because we take our fiduciary responsibilities very seriously.