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Risk Management

When it comes to planning for the future and protecting yourself and loved ones there is a lot to think about. Different types of insurance can help to protect you against unforeseen life events, but what kind of protection do you need? Proper protection is a part of your overall financial strategy and we are here to answer questions and guide you in the decision-making process.

Traditional Term Life Insurance 1

  • Fixed death benefit
  • Can be level or increasing premium
  • No cash value
  • Pure protection

Universal Life

  • Flexible or fixed death benefit
  • Flexible premiums
  • Growth of cash value based on declared interest rate
  • Protection and cash value

Traditional Whole Life

  • Fixed or increasing death benefit
  • Fixed premium
  • Protection and cash value

Variable Universal Life

  • Flexible or fixed death benefit
  • Flexible premiums
  • Growth or decline of cash value based on performance of market-based investment options2
  • Protection of cash value

Death benefits and premiums are subject to certain parameters within the policy. 1 Excludes term policies that offer a return of premium benefit. 2 The cash value of a variable universal life insurance policy is not guaranteed and may be worth more or less than total of premiums paid if surrendered or withdrawn. Variable universal life insurance may go down in value.

Our Clients FAQ

  • Should I add a long-term care rider or should I consider standalone long-term care insurance?
  • What is the purpose of any insurance purchase that I am considering? (i.e. pure protection against loss? Accumulation of cash value? etc.)
  • What are the tax considerations of this insurance purchase?
  • Can I afford the type of policy that I am considering? What guarantee do I have that the policy will not lapse or that premiums will not increase?
  • Do I need long-term care or life insurance?

When you are a client of Stecher Financial Group you never have to go it alone. We treat you like family.

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